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Amethyst Roots was birthed to help others connect with their higher selves through the use of crystals.


Revered in many cultures for their beauty, crystals hold metaphysical powers (divas/universe/source/energy), that have been known to heal and guide many of the world's most inspirational gurus and holistic healers alike. 

As a young child, I was always drawn to rocks, stones, gems, and crystals. I felt a deep spiritual connection with them and would stop to admire and examine the simplest of stones. Over the years I've studied the metaphysical properties of these sacred gems and have worked with the Devine Energy of Gaia's most ancient healing medicine.

Empathetic and naturally sensitive to the energy around me, working with these precious gems has been a way for me to heal from the trauma of my past, connect deeper with myself, and to live a more authentic life; rooted in growth.

The Divas have blessed me with the ability to intuitively attract the best stone to heal and guide others to a place of higher well-being. Helping others learn how to use these stones has embodied me to my core. 

It has become my soul mission.

I am so happy you are here. I can't wait to share my gifts and treasures with you.


Many Blessings Gems,

Jules Amethyst Roots


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