Amethyst Roots started as a way for me to heal my past, connect deeper with myself, and live a more authentic life, rooted in love rather than fear. It is my Soul Mission. It entangles and embodies me to my core. While there will be a shop and crystal healing services available, Amethyst Roots is about more than crystals; It's about love for yourself and others. It's about joy, peace, and appreciation for the abundance that is life. It's about growth, being strong, and being a survivor. It's about community, motherhood, and sisterhood.



Amethyst Roots means to hold space for your pain so you can transform into your highest self.


As a young child, I was always drawn to rocks, stones, gems, and crystals. I felt a deep spiritual connection with them and would stop to admire and examine the simplest of stones.


Revered as ancient medicine, crystals hold metaphysical powers (divas/universe/source/energy), that have been known to heal and guide many of the worlds most inspirational gurus and holistic healers alike. 


Over the years I've studied the metaphysical properties of these sacred gems and have worked with the Divas of the Crystal Kingdom to lead me to my Soul Mission, which has inspired me to share my gift with you.


The Divas have blessed me with the ability to intuitively attract the best stone to heal and guide others to a place of higher well-being.


I firmly believe that the energy you put out will come back to you, so please join me on this journey of healing the mind, body, and spirit.


I am grounded by the Earth and reaching for the stars. 


Many Blessings,